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Welcome to the FX Crusher JV Affiliate invitation page. Thank you very much for taking the time to visit this page

This is a special invitation to you, so that you too can claim your rightful share of the profits from the frenzy that will ensue once this ground-breaking product launches.

Stats and Product Info:

Forex Crusher is a breakthrough product, which allows your customers the opportunity to trade forex based on news releases using an automatic and hands-free software. You can make up to $98 per lead.

Your Hoplink:


yourcbid = Your ClickBetter Account Username

Affiliate Tools:

My team has created some spectacular affiliate resources and pre-sells for you to use to promote Forex Crusher to your list or on your website.

Pre-Written Emails:

We have prepared some powerfully written and highly converting emails for you to queue up and blast to your lists of subscribers. All you need to do is replace the 'yourcbid' in your affiliate link with your ClickBetter Account Username, amend the first name settings and add your name at the end.

If you can personalise the message a little more then this is also recommended for maximum conversions.

Please ensure that the customers you send these emails to are opted-in subscribers to your list and are not received as Spam.


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Google Adwords and Pay Per Click Advertising:

Google Adwords is still one of the easiest and fastest ways to drive targeted traffic as an affiliate. Our sales page converts superbly (around 1.7 - 1.8 for many) so you can be confident of sending traffic through and watching the commissions role in.

To get you started on your adwords campaign, you will need some tried and tested keywords to promote on. We have been testing and running Adwords ads in this niche for a while and have come up with an excellent suggestion list.

Here are some highly targeted keywords using the "forex" keywords.

Kind regards,

The Forex Crusher Team